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Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Jaime Bayly's work have you seen? Known For. Don't Tell Anyone Writer.

Estravagario Self. Jump to: Writer Self Archive footage. Self - Guest. Self uncredited. Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: "What can I say about my books?

I started writing in , when I was 25, in a cool winter in Madrid and then I couldn't stop it. It's, as the same time, a sentence and a gift, and I don't have doubts that is my most serious vocation and I think is everlasting.

I'd love to write, just do that, but novels have low incomes and I don't want my daughters go to a dingy school". Trivia: Has one daughter with his wife Silvia: Zoe.

Star Sign: Pisces. Then he would lash his backside with the end of a leather belt until it bled. That is a very strange way of punishing your son,' " Bayly recalls.

Bayly's mother, Doris Letts, came from an equally wealthy and widely respected family. Her brother, Roberto, became a millionaire mine owner.

But Letts never went to college, instead marrying Jaime Sr. She became a stay-at-home mother but was almost as aloof as her husband.

A member of Opus Dei, an ultraconservative Catholic organization, she would come to Jaime's room and pray with him every morning before school.

When she suffered a miscarriage while Jaime was a toddler, she grew more fanatically Christian. By age 13, Jaime could barely stand to be around his dad.

One night, fearing another brutal beating, he sneaked into his parents' room and grabbed a handful of gold necklaces and crucifixes.

Then he shoved them into a backpack along with some extra clothes and slipped out. He made his way to downtown Lima, where he walked the dimly lit streets and pawned his mother's jewelry for a fraction of its worth.

Then he visited several seedy hotels that denied him boarding, until he finally bribed a young woman to give him a key.

The cash lasted only a week, and he returned home. But the boy escaped twice more until, finally, his mother sent him to live with her parents across town when Bayly was 15 years old.

Around the same time, Letts arranged for him to work after school at Lima's second-largest daily newspaper, La Prensa. The next three years were a golden age for both journalism in Peru and Bayly.

In , much of the press was returned to private ownership after more than a decade of military dictatorship. Staffs expanded, and Bayly quickly graduated from filing clippings to writing sports and economics stories.

But the teen was best when picking apart Peruvian politicians. By age 17, he had his own weekly political column called "Banderillas" — named for the darts bullfighters thrust into their oversized victims.

The boy was quiet and respectful with colleagues, but a fearless reporter who once jumped into a famous economist's car to get an exclusive interview.

In the evenings, as editors prepared proofs of the morning's papers, Salazar, Bayly, and the rest of the newsroom would go out for drinks.

Those were fleeting moments of true happiness before fame closed in around him. After a year of "Banderillas," the upstart journalist received a call from Genaro Delgado Parker, the owner of Canal 5, one of Lima's most popular TV stations.

He asked the then year-old to appear as a panelist on a nightly program called Pulse. Bayly was perfect: tall and handsome, brilliant and irreverent.

He soon had his own nightly show, and strangers began to recognize him on the street. With fame came money, drugs, and casual sex with both men and women, Bayly recalls.

Soon, he was snorting so much Peruvian blow that sleep wouldn't come for two or three days. His habit worsened when he also took a TV job in the Dominican Republic, jetting frantically back and forth between Lima and Santo Domingo every two weeks to tape the two shows.

Finally, after a Sunday spent coked out of his mind watching Italian soccer in his Lima apartment, Bayly dialed his parents' house just before midnight.

His father answered. I'm thinking of killing myself," Bayly recalls saying while staring out over his balcony.

Just as Bayly was kicking his cocaine habit, a previously unknown math professor named Alberto Fujimori won the presidential election in Peru.

For two years, Bayly ripped the populist on national television. But when Fujimori suddenly dissolved Peru's congress, courts, and constitution in , a friend warned Bayly that his name was on a list of journalists who were already being rounded up and thrown in jail.

The fearless journalist caught the first flight to Madrid. He spent the next two years in Spain writing a novel, Don't Tell Anyone , a thinly veiled account of his life growing up gay and abused by his father.

Don't Tell Anyone is still widely considered Bayly's best novel. It's a bawdy but angry book that reveals a racist, homophobic, and status-obsessed family threatened by a son's homosexuality just as Peru was shaken by popular unrest.

It's also a window into Bayly's extreme loneliness and me-versus-the-world mentality. When his family members learned of the book, they pleaded with him not to publish it.

They were totally against me and at war with me. After two years in Madrid with the novel still unpublished, Bayly ran out of money. They moved to Washington, D.

But the domestic tranquility existed only on paper. Bayly insisted on seeing other women I've never believed in monogamy. Still, his family provided newfound stability to Bayly's life.

Don't Tell Anyone was finally published in and quickly became a bestseller in Spain, Peru, and much of Latin America. Of course, the tales of infidelity, incest, and drug abuse didn't sit well with Bayly's family members.

Many still don't speak to him, even though emergency liver surgery in nearly killed him. Instead, with dark, close-cut hair and chubby cheeks, the plus-year-old looks like any one of the thousands of crisply suited bankers strolling the city's bustling streets.

He'll save me some money on physicians. So that was the reason the chief of the secret police tried to scare me.

Whether or not the plot to kill Bayly was real, it marked a turning point. The talk show host had transformed from a flippant provocateur into a serious political player.

The road there started in , when he secured a job as an anchor for hour news network CBS Telenoticias. Hundreds of thousands of people across the hemisphere began to recognize his handsome face.

Then in , when Fujimori resigned in disgrace after scandals involving human rights abuses and bribery, Bayly left CBS and returned to Peru.

It was an important moment for journalism as the country shook off a decade of censorship. And Bayly once more took full advantage.

On it, he ridiculed the various candidates poised to succeed Fujimori. He also pushed the envelope of good taste, accusing front-runner Alejandro Toledo of refusing to recognize an illegitimate daughter.

When he began to advocate policies including gay marriage and legalization of drugs, his tirades took on the character of stump speeches.

During the presidential election of , Bayly ran a high-profile campaign urging voters to cast blank, protest votes.

Toledo won comfortably. The proof is that for years he never convinced people to support a single initiative of his. Soon, Bayly grew tired of working in the Peruvian TV industry.

From to , he focused on writing, cranking out several more sex- and scandal-filled novels. Then in , he began a three-year stint on Mega TV in Miami.

The show, Bayly , drew steady ratings, but serious health problems and an on-air fight with the station's vice president led Bayly to quit in After recovering at his friend Shakira's house in Uruguay, Bayly moved back to Lima and announced he would run for president.

At first, he was courted by the right-wing party Cambio Radical. But when he outlined his libertarian platform — ending state subsidies to the Catholic Church, legalizing abortion and drugs, and dissolving the armed forces — and then criticized Cambio Radical's candidate for mayor of Lima, the party dropped him.

As an independent, Bayly initially polled well, pulling in eight percent of votes. But he lacked the hundreds of thousands of signatures required to run.

Without a party or a real campaign office, people soon understood that his candidacy was mostly a publicity stunt.

His poll numbers fell to a few percentage points. By , he had dropped his bid for office. Since dropping out of the race, Bayly has won back popularity — or at least legitimacy — in Peru with a series of devastating political reports on TV.

This past September, only a few weeks before the October 3 mayoral election, he aired an audiotape of conservative candidate Lourdes Flores saying her critics could "stick the mayor's office up my ass.

The money arrives on its own. This year's election has been thrown wide open. And his columns have started ringing much truer than in the past.

Before they were more works of literature, but recently his columns have become more of a settling of personal accounts.

Jaime Bayly may be a good journalist, but he's a fickle friend and phlegmatic lover. He has built a career out of criticizing anyone and everyone, but he rarely forgives even small slights.

The double standard stems from his romanticization of writing. Any good artist, he argues, is ultimately self-loathing and alone.

That's my life. The secrets Bayly has revealed haven't nailed just politicians. They've also hurt friends and family.

In , two years after his father died of cancer, Bayly interviewed his mother on El Francotirador in Peru. During the hour-long show, Letts admitted that her son's first novel had stung her and her family.

Bayly has also burned many in the journalism world. In September of , Bayly was nearly fired from Mega TV after complaining on-air for 18 minutes about the temperature of the television studio.

The signal was cut when he claimed the station was violating his contract. While some viewers took the fight as a publicity stunt, Bayly says the tension between the two contributed to his leaving the station in Hudson declined comment.

Of course, he failed and they fired him because he did a lousy job. But it was painful for me to see someone who I consider a friend taking advantage of my bad health and trying to be me on TV.

I never even had a chance to explain myself After that he sent emails to Cynthia and other people saying that I wasn't really his friend.

For years, Bayly balanced his job as provocateur with that of being a kind and dedicated father. Even for Bayly, who says he enjoys losing friends and making enemies, the feud has been painful.

They don't talk to me anymore, they don't answer my emails, they don't want to see me. Bayly is, she says, an introverted man who has created an extroverted persona, which has since come to dominate his life.

Bayly is a public figure and writer," she emailed from Lima. I don't. In order to have a 'cold war,' you need two parties. There is no such war when my life and my daughters' lives have taken a different course than Mr.

Nevertheless, he will always be the father of my children. Bayly isn't so charitable: "She's going to be fucking ecstatic when I die.

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Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Jaime Bayly's work have you seen? Known For. Don't Tell Anyone Writer.

Estravagario Self. Jump to: Writer Self Archive footage. Self - Guest. Self uncredited. Edit Did You Know?

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I could have sworn we were friends but hey maybe not! Hi Bayli, thanks for the invite! Well I see you around all the time, no wonder since we have so many friends in common :D we may have been friends, I have no idea, but i did a friend delete batch about a month or two months ago, so I don't know.

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