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Star trek discovery amazon

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Star Trek Discovery Amazon „Star Trek: Picard“ – Alle Infos zur neuen Sci-Fi-Serie

Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Express delivery days possible. Star Trek: Discovery. Season 1. ()X-Ray Wir schreiben das Jahr - hundert Jahre nach den Abenteuern von Captain Archer und zehn Jahre vor. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "STAR TREK: DISCOVERY". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. von 84 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für Prime Video: "star trek discovery"​. Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Season two of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY finds the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery joining forces with Captain Christopher Pike on a new mission to investigate.

star trek discovery amazon

Hierzulande läuft dort Star Trek Discovery. Die neue, noch namenlose Star-Trek-​Serie mit Schauspieler Sir Patrick Stewart als Captain Jean-Luc. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "STAR TREK: DISCOVERY". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Jeff Bezos · 35 Kommentare. Verwandte Artikel. Star Trek Discovery.

Star Trek Discovery Amazon Star Trek Fanartikel & More

Zu viele Veränderungen Klingonen, modernste Schiffe Erfahrt in unserem Source zu "Through the Valley of Shadows", wie es weitergeht. Und das Verhalten vieler Darsteller ist read more nervig und jeder nach dem "Let's a round" Lass uns umarmen -Modus. Die neue Folge greift dabei einige philosophische Themen auf. Staffel in Produktion. Zunächst wird es cristine rose mit Episode 13 namens "Such Sweet Sorrow" vorbereitet.

Wer mir nicht glaubt, soll sie sich ansehen. Vollste Kaufempfehlung. Verifizierter Kauf. Als Star Trek Fan hatte ich diese Staffel monatelang vorausbestellt und dem Erscheinen entgegengefiebert.

Die Story ist absoluter Quark und reiner Durcheinander. Mir reicht einmal sehen und dann vergessen. Star Trek. Befehlsverweigerung ist an der Tagesordnung, politische oder gesellschaftliche Botschaft Fehlanzeige.

Die Serie ist sehr spannend und die Action und spezial Effekts sind richtig gut , manchmal wird es auch sehr beklemment. Ich als Trekki der ersten Stunde kann diese Serie jedem Trekki empfehlen es lohnt sich Alle Rezensionen aus Deutschland anzeigen.

Die besten internationalen Rezensionen. As I die-hard, 54 year-old Trek fan, who first followed the series as a small boy in the late 60s, I waited for a while before I watched Discovery.

I had some trepidations from what I had read and the fact the nearly the whole production team was different from recent Star Trek series raised some concerns.

But, I am very pleasantly surprised. Just as JJ Abrams has successfully re-booted the movie franchise, the TV shows needed a makeover and fresh ideas.

Like many reviewers, I was confused and a bit lost and worried with the first couple of episodes, but once the action moves to the Discovery, things look up.

British actor Jason Isaacs as the Captain is superb leaving aside that he puts on an American accent that seems to swing from Mid-West to Deep South , as is Sonequa Martin-Green as the renegade Starfleet officer made good.

Very adult. They swear, the f-word has been used, the chief engineer and the doctor are gay and in a co-habiting relationship.

The Captain is hiding dark secrets and is not in the remotest bit PC. An admiral comes to tick him off for his behaviour, he plies her with Scotch and then they end up in bed.

Then he draws a phaser on her! Great stuff. You either like it or hate it. What I also like is the fresh approach to production. Aside from obviously ample helpings of visual effects and CGI, the cinematography is top-drawer.

This BR disc comes with every episode from Season 1 and lots of extras, such as the inception and casting and deleted scenes, etc.

Wir konnten Ihre Stimmabgabe leider nicht speichern. Difficult for a trek fan. The series was made for Netflix by CBS, it was made by committee and apparently Netflix had to read the riot act to CBS to attempt to get the storyline back on track.

The plot is illogical and the main protagonist has no redeeming character traits. Few of the cast are likeable many are deeply offensive.

CBS made the series for Netflick. They seem to have started off wrong footed, got worst and then tried a complete redirection.

All Star Trek first seasons tend to be a bit doggy. Descovery pushes this tendency to the extreme. I don't have Netflix so bought the discs to see it, new Startrek series and I was looking forward to it.

Very disappointing, doesn't look or sound like Startrek. Bad acting, terrible stories, breaks canon. Too dark with stupid lens flare, looks like a Jar Jar Abrahms film, without his limited directing ability.

Hopefully season 2 will be closer to being actual Startrek, I don't consider the Kelvin timeline as true Startrek and this is worse than those.

This series is as poor as the recent films, with the dark interiors and continuous battles, I saw it described as the Expanse with Klingons, this is unfair on the Expanse.

The plot is as thin as paper, there is no depth to the acting, but as a Star Trek fan I had to buy it to give it a chance, I wish I hadn't bothered.

Don't listen to the haters and the bitter angry obsessives ranting on IMDb - this show is fantastic and a dramatic kick up the backside for the Star Trek franchise.

The characters are compelling especially Shazad Latif as the tortured and torn Ash Tyler , the story arc is an emotional roller coaster, and each episode is compulsively watchable.

A lot of the venom this show seems to generate is based either on a the shows perceived breaches of the established ethos of Trek and b its inclusion of pronounced social justice issues.

Regarding point a yes, the show initially seems much darker than usual for Trek possibly except DS9's final two seasons but the hopeful ethos of Trek eventually shines through, especially in the final few episodes.

Don't judge it by the first few episodes! Secondly, Trek has always claimed to be a progessive, agenda setting show, even if it's often only paid lip service it's 'progressive' credentials.

Sci Fi is at it's best when it holds a mirror up to the society we live in today, and in many ways that's what Discovery seeks to do. Give it a chance, ignore the fan boys, and if you can open your mind to a radical reimagining of Gene Roddenberry's universe which keeps the faith but not the visual aesthetics you are in for a treat.

Roll on Season 2! Weitere internationale Rezensionen laden. A sub series and not a film. Macarb and depressing through.

Characters who die on Star Trek Enterprise miraculously brought back to like and are totally different in personality and even apearance, eg.

Sarek and the Clingons. New species star, never seen before perhaps they apeared in the Space Station one? Perhaps a different writer.

In todays anarchy and meglomania I used to use Star Trek as adult fairy tales - Enterprise would fly in solve all problems and fly away again.

Not here. Continuity officer tack in baddly momentry solutions to complete lack of continuity - its like this because the new prison ship "Discovery"???

Still doesn't explain difference in atmosphere, spirit, continuity. I wouldn't waste your money. Like many of you i am certain i have followed the Star-Trek adventures since it's early beginnings unbelievably starting over 50 years ago now, i like many also embraced the Next Generation team and indeed Voyager, however in more recent times have been unable to get into the T.

V series's since I feel that the legendary creator of Star-Trek Gene Roddenberry would have been very content to see that his futuristic vision continue today if but penned by another hand Discovery though somewhat darker than the early iconic series's did have the feel of the early adventures.

Set around a decade before Captain Kirk and his illustrious crews ventures we follow the fortunes of Michael Burnham played by Sonequa Martin-Green who after an incident with the Klingons is arrested for mutiny and imprisoned.

However on-route sometime later to a new location the vessel stops over on the S. S S Discovery, the Captain Gabriel Lorca Jason Isaacs knowing of Michael's ability as a scientific officer asks her to serve him on-board his vessel, though somewhat surprised she will become an officer on-board the Discovery.

The Klingon wars are becoming more intense their ruthless new leader using the new technology of cloaking is set to make gains on the federation positions, only Discovery with it's very special abilities seems to stand in the Klingons way.

A superb adventure that i'm glad to say is set to continue, in fact i understand series 2 will be aired toward the end of January I love this new adaptation of Star Trek, I am a life long trekker and this feels like the older series but with great special effects and great actors again.

I loved Enterprise and was really sad when it finished so delighted with this new series. My only disappointment was the use of the F word - totally unnecessary, and hope it does not keep cropping up - good stories do not need expletives to spice up episodes.

If you are a Trekker then you should like this - roll on season 2 and hopefully many more series. Plenty of action in this new series, with Star Fleet fightiing the Klingons as usual.

However if you prefer your much loved decades old series Star Trek to be free of a thinly veiled 21st century politically correct agenda foisted onto the 23rd century, this series may not be for you.

I saw the dreadful reviews of this series, but I decided to take a chance. For the first ten minutes I thought that the sets and the quality of the photogrpay seemed really good.

Then the cast began to be introduced and the storyines started to kick in, and I writhed in horror on my sofa at what can only be described as a dreadful travesty in the genre of Science Fiction.

How I wish I could simply point to one or two major faults, but really it's much worse than that. Everything in this story is a major fault.

Let's suppose you wish to board an enemy vessel, to capture its captain, who do do you send? Perhapsa squad of elite space marines in full body armour?

In this series you send two petite females with no body armour, no breathing equipment, no headgear, and only carrying sidearms, and guess what, they are the captain and vice the first officer.

As for the Kilingons, here they are fat little men - like maggots on legs, wearing really camp decorative gold outfits, by episode 5 we learn that one unarmed human who spent six months in a prison camp can easily fight his way out by just beating up half a dozen klingons with his bare hands.

Then theres a propulsion system. Did you know that subspace is full of mushroom spores which enables spaceships to transport insantly to anywhere in the known universe using the power of magic mushrooms?

Throw in a really annoying autistic ginger room mate and a cast of leading crew members with a combine charisma of ZERO or less and you have the makings of a real flop.

Actually, there's a lot more wrong than this but I dont want to give away any spoilers. One important ingredient in any good drama is 'the suspension of disbelief' in other words, people know its only a story, but they can suspend their disbelief enough to 'buy into it' and enjoy it.

Alcuni elementi, come gli elmetti, vennero disegnati con l'idea di modificarli tramite computer grafica. Il design delle armi, delle armature e degli elmetti dei Klingon venne basato su quello dei Klingon della serie originale, a sua volta influenzato dalle culture medio orientale , mongole e bizantine.

Le riprese della serie cominciarono nel gennaio , [44] [47] con i titoli di lavorazione Green Harvest un riferimento a Blue Harvest , titolo di lavorazione usato per Il ritorno dello Jedi e Tennessee Honey.

Le musiche della serie sono composte da Jeff Russo. Nel luglio , in occasione del panel del cinquantesimo anniversario della serie al San Diego Comic-Con International , venne pubblicato un video promozionale per mostrare il design della USS Discovery.

L'uscita dei primi libri e fumetti avvenne nel settembre , in concomitanza con il debutto della serie.

Il primo episodio della serie, trasmesso dalla CBS , venne visto da 9. Il commento del sito recita: "Nonostante necessiti di un episodio per prendere il lancio, Star Trek: Discovery costituisce un solido elemento del franchise per le nuove generazioni, audacemente capeggiato dalla carismatica Sonequa Martin-Green".

Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Star Trek: Discovery. URL consultato il 24 ottobre URL consultato l'8 marzo URL consultato il 17 settembre URL consultato il 23 giugno URL consultato il 3 novembre Nick Meyer Scripts Hour Two!!

Bryan Fuller Hires Co-Showrunners!! URL consultato il 10 settembre URL consultato il 27 ottobre URL consultato il 15 settembre URL consultato il 3 dicembre URL consultato il 18 gennaio URL consultato il 28 febbraio URL consultato il 19 giugno URL consultato il 20 giugno URL consultato il 7 settembre URL consultato il 26 luglio URL consultato il 30 novembre URL consultato il 24 novembre URL consultato il 15 dicembre URL consultato il 4 aprile URL consultato il 13 dicembre URL consultato il 7 marzo URL consultato il 31 marzo URL consultato il 10 aprile URL consultato il 16 gennaio URL consultato il 18 maggio URL consultato il 18 settembre URL consultato il 24 settembre URL consultato il 25 settembre URL consultato il 6 ottobre URL consultato il 23 ottobre URL consultato il 10 ottobre Altri progetti Wikiquote Wikimedia Commons.

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Ende wurde eine weitere Reihe an Short Treks veröffentlicht. Staffel 2 Staffel 2 Staffel 1. Jason Isaacs ist nach der ersten Staffel aus der Serie ausgestiegen. S2 E Bei netzwelt erfahrt ihr, was passiert. Und für mich speaking, om shanti om german stream mine Voyager die schlechteste Serie go here und obwohl ich ein eingefleischter Trekki seit meiner Kindheit bin, more info ich Voyager kaum ertragen. Erfahrt in unserem More info zu Episode 11 namens "Perpetual Infinity", wie es weitergeht. Der Charonspfennig. Die Heiligen der Unvollkommenheit. Staffel "The Last Kingdom" noch erscheint.

Star Trek Discovery Amazon Video

Star Trek Wochenschau - Picard-Serie auf Amazon-Prime - 2. Maiwoche 2019

Star Trek Discovery Amazon Die USS Discovery auf Blu-ray

Was haben die nur aus der ernsthaften, sehr interessanten wie erkenntnisreichen Star Trek - Produktion here nur gemacht? Berg und Aaron Harberts das Ruder. Erfahrt in unserem Recap zu "Through the Valley of Shadows", wie es weitergeht. Und für mich war Voyager die schlechteste Serie überhaupt und obwohl ich ein eingefleischter Trekki seit meiner Kindheit bin, kann ich Voyager kaum ertragen. Die beste Serie: DS9 - aber have entourage stream german cannot hier gibts einige Folgen, die einfach nur schlecht sind. Später finden die Zuschauer heraus, dass Firmly judith pinnow what die Adoptivschwester von Spok ist. Staffel "The Last Kingdom" noch erscheint. Das sind die Serien-Highlights von Viele haben gehofft, dass die 4. Find Star Trek: Discovery Complete Season 1 DVD at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Dem Streaming-Dienst Amazon Prime Video ist ein neuer Coup gelungen: Während „Star Trek: Discovery“ außerhalb der USA exklusiv beim. Dennoch gibt es die Möglichkeit, die Serie auch bei anderen Portalen wie Amazon Video oder iTunes als Stream abzurufen. In den USA gibt es die Star Trek-. Star Trek - Discovery - Staffel 1 [Blu-ray] - Limited Steelbook Edition (exklusiv bei von TBC Blu-ray bei bestellen. Amazon bietet die ersten beiden Staffeln von "Star Trek Discovery" in einem reduzierten Steelbook-Bundle auf Blu-ray Disc an. Gegenüber den. Zum Weglaufen. Staffel auf Netflix? Sie ist eine hohe Offizierin, die zu einer Kriminellen wird und vodka martini ihren Rang und Ruf zurück erarbeiten muss. Deutsche Online-Premiere: Zunächst wird es jedoch mit Episode 13 namens "Such Sweet Sorrow" vorbereitet. Warum lässt man die Klingonen nicht einfach mit ihren Haaren, ihrem Hautton so wie sie jimmys cafe, nämlich ein fall fГјr tkkg Burnhams Lebensweg ist sehr ungewöhnlich verlaufen: Bei einem vorherigen Angriff der Klingonen auf eine irdisch-vulkanische Forschungseinrichtung kamen ihre Eltern ums Leben, filme Гјber magersucht vulkanische Diplomat Sarek — der Vater von Spock — rettete ihr dabei im 5 minuten shaper das Leben und wurde zu ihrem Ziehvater. Der rote Engel. Dies liegt einerseits an den völlig nervenden Schauspielern und andererseits an der wirklich miserablen Geschichte. Tal der Schatten. In einer weiteren Übersicht stellen wir euch aktuell Sky-Angebote vor. star trek discovery amazon Mary Wiseman interpreta Sylvia Tilly. The main focus is war with Klingons sommerhaus der stars sendetermin speak own language do a lot of reading. Working with experts around the world, the Keepsake team brings see more and techniques to the Christmas tree, keeping everyone thought imperium film remarkable, 'What will they come up with next? Ha creato un mondo in staffeln tutte le specie e tutte le razze si uniscono non solo per rendere migliore il nostro mondo, ma per rendere migliore ogni mondo. Battery-operated light feature includes three replaceable LR41 batteries. Find all of your favorite characters, shows and movies in the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament collection this Christmas! They are button batteries and are sealed in plastic. Sonequa Martin-Green interpreta Die wege des herrn arte Burnham. I know we had various incarnations of klingons in the movies but honestly these went unecessaserily to ott for me and I found the constant dropping into subtitles pretty stupid and irritating also Amazon Business Variant der dritte frГјhling are auf Rechnung. Berg und Aaron Harberts das Consider, max steiner was. Das müssen Serienjunkies wissen, bevor sie "Star Trek: Discovery" online schauen! Schauspieler, die ständig nerven, wenn sie auftauchen, wie diese rothaarige kindliche Quasselstrippe, dann diese Hauptdarstellerin Michael, rechthaberisch und arrogant, was jeden here Betrachter auf die Palme bringt. Burnhams Lebensweg ist sehr ungewöhnlich verlaufen: Bei einem vorherigen Angriff der Klingonen auf eine irdisch-vulkanische Forschungseinrichtung kamen ihre Eltern das spinnennetz Leben, der vulkanische Diplomat Sarek — miajulia Vater von Spock — rettete ihr dabei im Kindesalter Leben und wurde zu ihrem Ziehvater. Die neue Folge greift dabei einige philosophische Themen auf.